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phone shocks humans on purpose

Check out this cool little mobile phone. Well, it's not really a phone it's actually a LED flashlite, oh and it can zap your would be robber, rapist or frat buddy with 950,000 volts. It's called The Pretender and costs about $89.



turn your iPhone into a pc?

If you have an iPhone you can soon run PC emulator software, can't wait to not use MS WORD with that hard to use iPhone keyboard. But the real internet with Internet Explorer would be nice for watching your streaming movies as you wait for your next delayed flight. Share


is it illegal to use my mobile phone?

If you are going to drive cross country or in another country you might want to know if you will get a ticket for being on your mobile phone.  This nice website breaks it down for us.  For example, in Californina, beginning July 1, 2008, violators face a US$20 fine for a first offense and a US$50 ticket for subsequent infractions. Law passed Sept 2007 bans all under-18s from using a phone at all, even with handsfree kit.  To check the rules for your state or country go here.

If your looking for a bluetooth hands free device, this one claims to be the smallest.  In fact it's so small people will think you are psychotic when they see you talking to invisible peeps.  But it's only about $20 with free shipping.




For those who love to be healthy, go hiking, and enjoy a greasy burger from a can. Check this out. It's a cheeseburger in a can. Simply throw the can into a water container over a fire, give it a minute or two, fish it out, open the lid, and eat.


hamburger phone adds cheese

Yes, now you can be as cool as JUNO and talk on your own hamburger phone. I argued that it might be a Cheeseburger phone, but when you open the phone, there is a logo right next to the cheese that says "Hamburger Phone". To me, that just makes it a little cheesier. $15


lets get free music

NIN's has been doing some great stuff as of late. Their previous release included original sound files that could be used to make your own remixes in programs such as Ableton LIVE, or GARAGE BAND. The result was lots of great (and not so great) remixes that were posted to their site. But you can literally peel away each track - vocals, drums, bass, etc. NIN even offers the remix files for free online.
And now NIN is breaking the norm again, this new album, GHOSTS I-IV features instrumental tracks and the first 9 tracks are free, if you would like all 36 tracks it's only $5.00.

filing cabinet for your gerbils?

The perfect gift for the guy with all those random business cards lying around. Plus, it's kinda geeky cool. $12.99 Share


here come curved computer monitors

While the curved Apple iMac above is conceptual and does not exist yet...

Dell and Alienware got together and made this 3 foot wide curved computer screen display, especially good for immersive gameplay.  They just showed it off at CES08, it should be on the market soon but they have yet to announce a price.

Nanosaur egg chair

This thing is straight out of Mork and Mindy. The seats are adjustable, and the children will love it.
The chair "odú" (the Hungarian word for cave) has a hard surface made from glass fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) and as a contrast a soft and cosy cushion inside that gives you the comfort you want.ú_1184.html&image=4161

Egg Chair inspired by Eero AarnioArne Jacobsen Egg Chair - BlackBall Chair by Eero Aarnio 1966
Click the chair for more detail.


tequila for two

Wow, score some more cool points with this dual pouring decanter.  I love it. Share

look who's on tv

It's a TV, but when it's off, it's a mirror.  I'm ready for these to arrive at Best Buy.  Developed by Phillips.  Click here for more.
Philips MiraVision 17MW9010/37 LCD TV - 17" HDTV Monitor at Amazon
Mirror tv another brand
Mirror TV Share

doggie sex toy, really?

Okay, I almost did'nt put this in here. But it made me laugh. This one is not for me, but for the randy rovers. Yes, it's a sex toy for dogs. then click on life

When he's done he can chill out in the futuristic doggie pod bed. ($159.00)
Hepper Pod Bed - Racetrack Graphite
Hepper Pod Bed - Racetrack Graphite Share

leggo my eggo - wahsing machine

Designer of a cool looking mini fridge (above) brings us a small secondary washing machine for baby clothes, swimsuits, and delicates.

Hmmm, I'm not sure I need this, but you can get it. Share

lcd from the flames

People will be impressed that you don't have a TV in your living room, they might even think you actually read. Even the fuddy duddys will be impressed when you press a button and your 50" flat panel TV rises from within your working fireplace. Lets get this. Many dif sizes and models avail.
http://www.picturehousecabinets.comhttp// Share

finally, a pen that tastes good

I love it. We've been sucking and chewing on pen caps for years, it's about time we added five tasty flavors into the mix. I wonder when they will add caffeine for those late night study sessions. For more info check out suckmybic at Share

i bring u fire!

Cool, Fire! Modern design always looks better on fire.  Though this looks like the kind of thing you'd see on either side of an indoor club entrance in Vegas, it still could be kinda cool in the bedroom or by the jacuzzi, however the website does not recommend using it to toast your marshmallows.  Aprox 13094 SEK (Swedish) or $2120 USD Share

Liter·ari·ly Separated

What is going to keep these fighting fish from fighting?

Why John Steinbeck of course.  $30-$40
Book not included.

my coffee table has fire

The coffee table slides closed to put out the flame and according to the web site, On one end, a recess for your flue less EcoSmart™ burner, on the other, a recess for storing your own patch of grass or perhaps ice to chill your favourite bottle of champagne.  It's called "Fire and Ice".

Also check out their flu less designer fireplaces. Share

let's get some shoes

Converse has a thingy on their web site that lets you customize your next pair of shoes.  You can even stitch in your nickname.  That way you'll know those are MY shoes betch! Share

Bed Trap

Yea, it might be a bit scary to get into this bed, but i would still think about getting it.  Too bad you can't get it at Target.  It's art, and on display in a hotel in Canada. Share

fancy faucets

Future design concept for fancy faucet shows the water temp by lighting up in different colors.
Brushed Chrome Colored Faucet Light Heat Sensitive Color Changing
Color Changing LED Shower Head - Temperature Sensitive Share

office space in a trunk

It's a trunk.  It's a home office.  It's mobile.  It's got wheels.  Available in black, red, white and maple exterior finishes.  It's expensive - $1856 Share

secret passages and hidden doors

Zoikes! Check out this spinning bookcase - hidden door at the San Jose library.  We can have one installed too from or Share