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Why so Glum? Reznor's New Music is Free Again.

You might know the work above from this artist, Rob Sheridan. He works on odd original art such as this and is best known as a photographer for Nine Inch Nails. Rob has shot many a CD cover, and can capture a distinctively dark tone with his photography.
The Slip [Vinyl]

NIN frontman Trent Reznor has a new band, and Rob is the art director among other things for this new project called "How to Destroy Angels", named after the Coil single How to Destroy Angels. Here's the music video for the first release featuring Trent's beautiful new wife from the band West Indian Girl. Check out the first Kubrickian video from Rob, Trent and his new wife Mariqueen.

Oh, and these guys are giving away the music for FREE on their website. Gotta love em. If you are curious why the music is free these days, watch this. Share

Exit Through the Gift Shop

My friend posted this photo on Facebook, I dont think it is her. The Rat reminds me of Banksy. He's a street artist and prankster. And he has just released the most thought provoking and entertaining films of the year, Exit Through The Gift Shop. Go see it, you'll like it. Trust me on this one. It's as cool as this photo. By the way, please comment if you know the photographer.


Smile Monkey, Smile

Someone I know made a book full of monkey pictures and I love em. They are so beautiful — they are primate portraits, not monkey pictures. But if you like either one you will love these monkeys on your coffee table. If you are geeky enough then you might have seen her work in the issues of MONDO 2000. Now it's hard to not pass a billboard or magazine cover shot by Jill Greenberg, or someone passing themselves off as her. Though this book came out a while back, it is still my favorite. But make sure and check out her bear and crying babies as well (End Times).

Monkey Portraits [MONKEY PORTRAITS EXPANDED/E]Bear PortraitsJill Greenberg: End Times

Space Aliens Land in the UK?

No, but there is a good chance it might rain over there. This might be the coolest cloud I have ever seen. Enjoy it.
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Play Video Game, Score Free Weed - Legally?

Free Weed and Video Games? At the same time? Really?

Facebook has a new game called Pot Farm that is very similar to Farmville. The new casual game has garnered over 500,000 users according to this recent article. Farmville, a game sensation that is said to be generating millions of dollars per month, is exploring product integration marketing with stores like 7-11 where your food purchases can elevate your status in the virtual Farmville world. The same could soon be true with games such as Pot Farm.

Imagine buying weed at a "legal" dispensary in California and earning points in the virtual world. Or even more interesting, the reverse could be true, you could complete a level in a game such as Pot Farm and be rewarded with a free gram of weed coupon from your local dispensary. That is, if you have your pot card. It won't be long now...
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Aquaman vs BP

special thanks to Rob, be sure to check out his site
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Supermodel-Holograms that you can feel?

In case you weren't paying attention a little while back supermodel Kate Moss was made in to a hologram for a fashion show presentation. It's ok, I missed it too, and I love technology (and super models are not bad either.)
Now using ultrasound technology we can pin point a tactile feedback response to someone's hand touching a hologram. You see where this is going, it's like peanut butter and chocolate and I'm sure it wont be long until the two converge. But for now here's a video of a guy touching and feeling holograms of a golden ball and some rain drops.

Will strip clubs of the future have holographic strippers, who knows? But you can currently find them in the airports of Japan, unbelievable.