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Play Video Game, Score Free Weed - Legally?

Free Weed and Video Games? At the same time? Really?

Facebook has a new game called Pot Farm that is very similar to Farmville. The new casual game has garnered over 500,000 users according to this recent article. Farmville, a game sensation that is said to be generating millions of dollars per month, is exploring product integration marketing with stores like 7-11 where your food purchases can elevate your status in the virtual Farmville world. The same could soon be true with games such as Pot Farm.

Imagine buying weed at a "legal" dispensary in California and earning points in the virtual world. Or even more interesting, the reverse could be true, you could complete a level in a game such as Pot Farm and be rewarded with a free gram of weed coupon from your local dispensary. That is, if you have your pot card. It won't be long now...
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