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Why so Glum? Reznor's New Music is Free Again.

You might know the work above from this artist, Rob Sheridan. He works on odd original art such as this and is best known as a photographer for Nine Inch Nails. Rob has shot many a CD cover, and can capture a distinctively dark tone with his photography.
The Slip [Vinyl]

NIN frontman Trent Reznor has a new band, and Rob is the art director among other things for this new project called "How to Destroy Angels", named after the Coil single How to Destroy Angels. Here's the music video for the first release featuring Trent's beautiful new wife from the band West Indian Girl. Check out the first Kubrickian video from Rob, Trent and his new wife Mariqueen.

Oh, and these guys are giving away the music for FREE on their website. Gotta love em. If you are curious why the music is free these days, watch this. Share

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