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Machine to Give Us Super Brain Powers

Okay, before we get into the machine - superpower bit, you should watch this video on the brain.  It's from TED.  The TED conferences brings some of the greatest minds in Technology Entertainment and Design together to discuss ideas worth spreading. Here's one that lasts about 20 minutes and is given by a brain scientist that almost died. So get comfy and check it out, I think you'll like it.

Don't forget to click the full screen button just below the Youtube logo.
My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey
My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey

A stroke can shut down part of the brain, but so can a machine.  Allan Snyder (a very smart man that likes to wear a sideways baseball cap) has been experimenting with using a machine to temporarily paralyze parts of peoples brains, allowing the non paralyzed side to make them more creative, or even savant like mathematical wizards.  So this machine wont be able to give us super powers like Superman, but more like a mad genius supervillian.  Of corse if you want to be like Batman you could just get a gym membership and some tights.
The results are limited for now, but we know the brain can let us do amazing things, please click on the graphic below a few times for some fun facts.

Superhuman: the Incredible Savant Brain.
Infographic by

Meet some of the super brains if you like...
Video of  "BRAIN MAN" Daniel Tammet
Video of Orlando Surell got hit in the head by a ball and now remembers EVERYTHING.
Video of musical genius Derek Paravicini
Video of Kim Peek The Real Rain Man

And now, here's Alan Snyder and his machine

Here's another odd little video on Transcranial Magnatic Stimulation or TMS.

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