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7 "Documentaries" About Something Fake

1.  Blair Witch Project (1999) - The filmmakers told the press off the bat that it was fake, but that didn't stop people from believing.
The Blair Witch Project [Blu-ray]

2.  Curse of the Blair Witch [VHS] A creepy-cool fake documentary about the fake documentary.   So meta.

Curse of the Blair Witch [VHS]
3.  Sasquatch, The Legend of Bigfoot (1977) Saw this in the theaters as a child and couldn't sleep for days.  Though it's a real doc, it contained footage of Bigfoot that we thought to be authentic at the time, the "Patterson Footage" due to fear of it going too far, it was not revealed as fake until 2002, after the death of a man involved in the situation.

4.  Im Still Here (2010)  The Joaquin Phoenix doc, starting with the David Letterman method acting stunt, Ben Afleck's brother, Casey, directed this documentary that was presented as real.

5.  Lost Unraveling the Mystery (2010) - Ok, had to put this one in there for a few reasons.  The frustrating TV show Lost was one of the biggest mysteries of the last century. 

6.  Exit Though The Gift Shop (2010)  - Ok, this one might be about something totally real, but who can really trust the street art prankster Banksy.  This documentary has been questioned, as people wonder if it's a bit of a prank.  The documentary subject Banksy flips the camera on the documentarian and then proceeds to, sort of, help create a monster, "Mr Brainwash".  Many think that this Mr Brainwash's career was enabled by Banksy,  due to the cameras being there, and to emphasize a point about society and art.  To understand the previous sentence, you probably have to see the movie.  And you should see the movie. In fact it should be required.  Two thumbs way up.

7. Catfish - Though most everyone agrees that the subjects and inciting incident are real in this Facebook fakery documentary.  People think that the filmmakers pretended to not know certain things to add dramatic effect.  They may have allowed themselves to be fooled a little longer, and it is speculated they may have totally changed their actions purely for story purposes like taping a coin to a letter so they could maybe find it later in mailbox.  If you want to know more about this one check out 20/20 tonight, there is an hour long special on this doc.


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