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Are we Human? Or are we Connectome?

Strange that I bumped into a monk in the park earlier in the day that asked me the question of, "Who are you? Are you your arms? Are you your brain?" etc. I asked him if he had seen this video by Alan Watts.
Then, when I got home and decided to unwind with a TED talk, it happened to be on the same subject.  I'd email it to my new monk friend, but he doesn't use the internet.

So, if you were to pay for cryogenics and froze yourself when you died, but then after death your soul was reincarnated into your next life as a dog, would that future dog become a soulless demon dog if your human body was thawed out? Well, of course it would, and Im sure it would inspire a bad horror B-Movie as well. This TED talk is like something out of an 80's sci-fi flick. Cyberdyne is here to tell you the future. Listen up. And feel free to hit rewind if you're not keeping up.


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