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3 Amazing Mini Weapons

You must see this mini canon in action - Amazing.

This looks like a cell phone, but it's really a gun.

Cardapult - The business card that transforms into a catapult. Really.
And if you hate loose change. There's also one that shoots pennies.


Knitted Beard and Mustache

I love  If you create anything as a hobby this is a great space to sell your wares.  And a great space to find unique gifts for the holidays.
This listing is for a black and gray tweed knitted stocking cap with shaggy brown beard and mustache attached. The hat is knitted on a round loom and the brown beard and mustache are hand crocheted. It is made from soft 100% acrylic yarn and is generously sized to fit most adult heads.  $48

How to be Cool


Top 10 Tattoos

I once thought it would be funny to get a tattoo, then ask people if they wanted to see my tattoo, then show them my tattoo, which would be of "Tattoo", the little guy from the 70's TV show Fantasy Island.  Then I realized people would just want to punch me after this exchange.  But it did make me wonder, has anyone else gotten a tattoo of Tattoo.  So after an exhaustive 3 minute search on Google images, I realized I didn't care that much, but thought I would share some other daisys that came across my screen.  Here's the top 10 Geeky, Kitschy and Cool Tats.

Yes, the first eye tattoo.

Yea, I know, that was more than 10.



Don't Forget To Validate Your Parking

Mike Le, Michael Bay, Tyrese Gibson, Omar Shamout
on the set of Transformers.
The infamous Hollywood hipster web comic, Don't Forget to Validate Your Parking, is now being animated.  The first episode has just been released, and I have to say, I'm a big fan.  The web comic is animated by Michael Figge, and is a slight hyperbole of the life of Hollywood writer/producer Mike Le.  Mike has written several quality screenplays, and has a few projects in the pipeline that he is producing as well.  One is being produced along with Tyrese Gibson and is causing quite a stir on the interwebs, this developing reality show is currently entitled KTown, which has been refered to as The Asian Jersey Shore.  Mike Le is also a writer for Geek Week, if you would like to check out his latest article on the 10 Greatest Musc Videos Inspired by Movies feel free to click here.  And now, with no further ado, the first animated episode of DFTVYP.