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The "Source Code" Movie Quantum Theory Explained

The movie Source Code staring Jake Gyllenhaal dabbles in quantum mechanics, and even gives a nod to the star of the old TV show Quantum Leap, having Scott Bakula voice the father of the protagonist.   This well taught mystery/love story/suspense/scifi/thriller does a great job at just scratching the surface of a few concepts and leaves us to enjoy the humanity brought to the film by the talented cast and helmer, Duncan Jones (the director of Moon and son of David Bowie).  Now I'm going to mention a few things that ARE in the description of the film, but if you don't want to know or think about them then consider this your WARNING, MILD SPOILER ALERT.

The movie also deals with reliving 8 minutes over and over again.  A while back, my friend sucked the laughing gas out of an old whip cream can and relived 8 seconds.  DON'T DO THIS AT HOME.  Yea, the stuff the dentist gives you can actually cause an auditory hallucination that allows you to hear the same moment over and over like it was a delay effect, much like a repeating echo.  If this drug can let us replay parts of our memory over and over, what is to say there is not another drug that gives you deja vu, allowing you to replay a moment, like a record skipping in your head.  Well this movie takes the theory beyond that one dimensional replay, but allows for the possibility of new possibilities, and that is when it gets into quantum theory.  According to the odd findings in quantum experiments that show us things like, oh boy, particles may exist in more than one place at a time, there are only 13 possible explanations, and one of them is that this is not the only reality out there.

The film also deals with using computers to harness memory.   If you click to minute 4:15, you can hear Ray tell us about computer devices that are already helping us with memory.

Here is a longer video that tells us a little of why we believe there might be more than one universe.

Movie Trailer

Quantum Leap Bundle Seasons 1 - 4 DVD Set
The Quantum World: Quantum Physics for EveryoneIntroduction to Quantum Mechanics (2nd Edition)Quantum Physics: A Beginner's Guide (Beginners Guide (Oneworld))Principles of Quantum MechanicsQuantum Theory



A REAL pill that you can buy that can make you smarter. Limitless?

I decided to see if there is a real pill that can make you smarter, especially after watching the fake commercial for the pill from the movie LIMITLESS.

A drug to trick your mind into doing something you don't want to do?  A recent episode of RADIOLAB a fantastic podcast from WNYC, tells us of a Tictac sized "pill" that is injected into the body, and helps us to stop drinking alcohol.  How? Well, its kind of a poison pill that makes you horribly sick and possibly kills you if you ingest alcohol.  Though it doesn't really make you smarter, it helps you out smart yourself and keeps you from drinking.  Hopefully.  Adds a new depth to falling off the wagon and the story can be found near the end of this hour long podcast.

Caffeine has had quite an influence on our thought, a great TED talk tells of  how our culture changed as we went from drinking alcohol to caffeine. Here's a story of the cultural enlightenment of caffeine, fascinating.

STUDY DRUGS aka SAT Steroids. AKA ADD or ADHD drugs, they are sold illegally all over our college campuses. In Hollywood known as "How to finish that screenplay in two weeks without being distracted?"

These college kids give a good lay of the land on how to find these drugs on campus.  Used for nerds to study, girls to get thin, and guys to party longer.

And then there are always these, "Nootropics or Smarts Drugs are chemicals which are claimed to have mild to moderate positive mental or physical effects such as improvements to memory, cognition, and clarity of thought or "anti-aging" effects."

ADRAFINIL Olmifon Stimulant
ANIRACETAM Draganon, Sarpul
DHEA Dehydroepiandrosterone Anti-aging
DILANTIN Phenytoin Cognitive Function
DMAE Di-methyl-amino-ethanol Memory, Learning
FIPEXIDE Attentil, Vigilor Learning
GABAPENTIN Neurontin Anti-convulsant
GEROVITAL GH-3 Anti-aging, Memory
GHB Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate Sleep Aid
HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE hGH, Somatotropin Anti-aging
HYDERGINE Dihydroergotoxine Memory, Anti-aging
MECLOFENOXATE Centrophenoxine, Lucidril Anti-aging
MELATONIN Sleep Regulator
MODAFINIL Provigil Stimulant
OXIRACETAM Neuractiv, Hydroxypiracetam Memory
PHENYTOIN Dilantin Cognitive Functions
PIRACETAM Cognitive Functions
SELEGILINE Deprenyl, Eldepryl Memory, Intelligence
TRYPTOPHAN l-tryptophan, 5-HTP Sleep Aid
VASOPRESSIN Pressyn, Diapid Memory
from eurowid

Who knows what designer brain drugs are yet to come, but as long as they have negative side effects, they can make for great movie plots. See trailer for the film about a drug that will make you smarter here...



iPad 3 and Solar Panels?

Just after the release of the iPad 2, here are a few rumors floating around the internet about the iPad 3.

Most say since Steve Jobs deemed 2011 the year of the iPad 2, that the next iPad upgrade will not be until next year. Others believe we will get a slight 2.5 upgrade in time for Christmas.

So what's going to be new in the iPad 3

According to this site Apple is aiming for a patent to allow for solar charging in their touch screens, not on the back of the product, but actually under the touch screen, pretty cool stuff.

The other predictions include a 1080p or better screen upgrade as well as the usual faster cpu, and better bettery life.

UPDATE: Here's a couple of bears that can sum it all up. Enjoy.



Best Apps for the "iPad 2"

Didn't take long, and here it is the iPad 2...

So, unless I am wrong in reading the press releases, there are no less than three apps at launch that will be available to iPad2 customers that are not available to the original iPad owners. Facetime chat is a given seeing as the iPad has no cameras. It also looks like the iMovie and Garage Band apps will be for iPad2 only. I have no problem with that as this is the way things work in the tech world. I don't expect to play Dragon Age 2 on my P4 system. Still, I keep looking for an Android or Motorola sticker on my iPad and I just can't seem to find it.
Actually PhotoBooth and Facetime are both a given due to the lack of camera. And most likely iMovie as well, because the intended use is to shoot clips on the iPad and then edit them directly, which on iPad 1 is impossible, unless iMovie has an option to import movie files from other sources.

Regarding GarageBand, we will have to wait till it's release. iMovie specifically states that it is for iPad 2, while Garageband does not give any indication, same as other apps such as Numbers, so it might work.

So we have 3 apps which won't work due to a lag of camera and possibly one more. I find this quite reasonable.
I find it more than reasonable. That is how technology works. What is hot today is old news tomorrow. I would be upset if Apple wasn't trying to push tablet technology forward. What I find unreasonable is the original quote that I referenced which was just simply ridiculous. If the iPad 2 didn't have exclusive capability and apps what would the point be in even releasing it?"
From iPad forums "Originally Posted by DaveSt
1. Facetime

2. iMovie

3. Garage Band

More here...
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Please leave any new iPad 2 ONLY apps in the comments

UPDATE : Dead Space has "enhanced" graphics for the iPad 2, It's a great little first person shooter.


Meditation Video Game, Enlarge your Brain.

Four things about meditation that might make you smile...

1. California Kid  

2. Yes this exists...

3. Meditation changes your brain size according to study.  Not funny

4. This is a 20 min speech that explores the neural mechanisms beneath social and emotional intelligence and how these can be cultivated through reflective practices that focus on the inner nature of the mind.

Parenting From the Inside OutThe Mindful Therapist: A Clinician's Guide to Mindsight and Neural Integration (Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology)Mindsight: The New Science of Personal TransformationThe Mindful Brain: Reflection and Attunement in the Cultivation of Well-BeingThe Developing Mind: How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are