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Best Apps for the "iPad 2"

Didn't take long, and here it is the iPad 2...

So, unless I am wrong in reading the press releases, there are no less than three apps at launch that will be available to iPad2 customers that are not available to the original iPad owners. Facetime chat is a given seeing as the iPad has no cameras. It also looks like the iMovie and Garage Band apps will be for iPad2 only. I have no problem with that as this is the way things work in the tech world. I don't expect to play Dragon Age 2 on my P4 system. Still, I keep looking for an Android or Motorola sticker on my iPad and I just can't seem to find it.
Actually PhotoBooth and Facetime are both a given due to the lack of camera. And most likely iMovie as well, because the intended use is to shoot clips on the iPad and then edit them directly, which on iPad 1 is impossible, unless iMovie has an option to import movie files from other sources.

Regarding GarageBand, we will have to wait till it's release. iMovie specifically states that it is for iPad 2, while Garageband does not give any indication, same as other apps such as Numbers, so it might work.

So we have 3 apps which won't work due to a lag of camera and possibly one more. I find this quite reasonable.
I find it more than reasonable. That is how technology works. What is hot today is old news tomorrow. I would be upset if Apple wasn't trying to push tablet technology forward. What I find unreasonable is the original quote that I referenced which was just simply ridiculous. If the iPad 2 didn't have exclusive capability and apps what would the point be in even releasing it?"
From iPad forums "Originally Posted by DaveSt
1. Facetime

2. iMovie

3. Garage Band

More here...
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Please leave any new iPad 2 ONLY apps in the comments

UPDATE : Dead Space has "enhanced" graphics for the iPad 2, It's a great little first person shooter.


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iPod in Car said...

They should make some improvements over camera so that the apps which are lagging behind due to this reason comes up.