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The "Source Code" Movie Quantum Theory Explained

The movie Source Code staring Jake Gyllenhaal dabbles in quantum mechanics, and even gives a nod to the star of the old TV show Quantum Leap, having Scott Bakula voice the father of the protagonist.   This well taught mystery/love story/suspense/scifi/thriller does a great job at just scratching the surface of a few concepts and leaves us to enjoy the humanity brought to the film by the talented cast and helmer, Duncan Jones (the director of Moon and son of David Bowie).  Now I'm going to mention a few things that ARE in the description of the film, but if you don't want to know or think about them then consider this your WARNING, MILD SPOILER ALERT.

The movie also deals with reliving 8 minutes over and over again.  A while back, my friend sucked the laughing gas out of an old whip cream can and relived 8 seconds.  DON'T DO THIS AT HOME.  Yea, the stuff the dentist gives you can actually cause an auditory hallucination that allows you to hear the same moment over and over like it was a delay effect, much like a repeating echo.  If this drug can let us replay parts of our memory over and over, what is to say there is not another drug that gives you deja vu, allowing you to replay a moment, like a record skipping in your head.  Well this movie takes the theory beyond that one dimensional replay, but allows for the possibility of new possibilities, and that is when it gets into quantum theory.  According to the odd findings in quantum experiments that show us things like, oh boy, particles may exist in more than one place at a time, there are only 13 possible explanations, and one of them is that this is not the only reality out there.

The film also deals with using computers to harness memory.   If you click to minute 4:15, you can hear Ray tell us about computer devices that are already helping us with memory.

Here is a longer video that tells us a little of why we believe there might be more than one universe.

Movie Trailer

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Simon said...

Love the videos, makes physics a whole lot more fun, thanks for posting them :)Very strange that the simple act of observing would change electron behavior!

Chintan Zangda said...

Thanks for video!!! Quantum physics became a little simple... :-)