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Glasses Free 3D on the iPad and a controller for Final Cut Pro too?

(scroll down for the iPad editing apps)

A long while back I found a college kid that made a super cheap steady cam, you might have heard of it the $14 steady cam, so I contacted the soon to be famous TED Talk speaker, Jonny Lee and in between classes he built and mailed to me one of these grungy beauties.  It did a surprisingly okay job, though you might want to use the just released (4/11/11) Adobe AE CS5.5 "Warp Stabilizer" feature. (This also helps with the rolling shutter ripple effect issue, if you are DSLR videographer), so if you like this kind of thing, here's a few videos.

Johnny Lee's $14 dollar Steady Cam video

After Effects CS 5.5 new "Warp Stabilization" smooth cam effect video can be found here.

Johnny Lee's Ted Talk.

As you can see in the video above, Jonny Lee went on to reverse engineer the Nintendo Wii, and in doing so helped to spread the idea of experimentation with open source head tracking software (shown in the video above), that leads to a 3D type effect where the computer generates an image specific to the single viewer by tracking where his eyes are in relation to the screen.  Now with the new iPad 2, the front facing camera, and face recognition technology, we can achieve a similar effect, I cant wait for the the new apps that will take advantage of this.  Have a look, it's beautiful glasses free 3D.

Just yesterday at NAB, rumors of the new groundbreaking version of Final Cut started to swell, and some of the big ones allude to that of an iPad controller to integrate with Final Cut.  Some people are already using the iPad with Apple's Final Cut Suite "Color", using the iPad as a controller instead of the expensive color timing wheel or ball controllers.

Below is another worth while iPad app that is already available, it can help to give you a cheap mixer with automated flyers for real time mix down, etc.  Check it.

If you want to use your favorite audio music workstation with the iPad, check out this beauty.

Cut Notes allows you to take notes while watching your cut, allowing you to sync your iPad with the timecode.

Keypad Pro with programmable Final Cut shortcut keys.

for more info go here

And finally look wht this guy did with splashtop... Final Cut X on the iPad?  Really?


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