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New Final Cut Pro X Video and Features

Now you can do things that will make FCP work at a super speeds, like 64 bit processing, and the ability to do things like use all 8 of your cores to speed up the work flow, and that's just the beginning.

Other features include.

-Newly designed user interface (see video)

-Background Rendering

-Automatic Face Detection

-Automatic Shot Identification from (Close up, Wide, etc.)

-Easily Handles 4k Clips, for all of you RED ONE Fans.

-Instant color matching between designated camera clips.

-"Did we mention that you don't have to stop editing to render?"

-Available in June for $299.00 (this is not an upgrade price)

If you can't wait until June, here's a few great add ons available now, that you might want to consider for your FCP.

-Automatic syncing of audio to video, even with out a clapper/slate. It's called "Plural Eyes".

-Automatic voice recognition, great for documentary footage.  That's right, it adds the ability to search the dialogue.  it's called "GET".


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