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Captain of the Mount and the Music of Another Earth

"He's going to be pretty sexually frustrated when he realises that mountain is a backdrop..."

The above song was created by Fall on your Sword, a side project of Phillp Mossman's along with Will Bates and producer Lucy Alper.  Phillip is one of the founding members of LCD Soundsystem.  Fall on your Sword has also contributed the score to the hit indie film Another Earth.   Congrats again to the creators of the film Britt and Mike on their amazing accomplishment.  Go see this film.  

If you like the song from the trailer, then check out the full version, and more of their music.  Here they are, Cinematic Orchestra. or click the pics below - for the albums.
Another Earth [+Digital Booklet]EPCaptain Of The Mount
Live At The Royal Albert HallRemixes 98 - 2000Motion

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