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How to Quantum Levitate - Super Levitation.

Okay, does this mean I am finally gonna get my flying saucer?  It might.
Moller Saucer

Quantum Levitation, or Super Levitation as it is sometimes called, in this example starts with a thin sapphire crystal disc that is covered with a superconductor and a little gold for protection.  It is then wrapped in plastic and cooled with liquid nitrogen.  Once chilled, when held near a magnetic field the disc may be "locked" in a spacial positioning using quantum trapping.  Amazing, imagine the new version of ice hockey, the new pinball machines, the new Silver Surfer surf boards, let's get inventing.  Yea science.

If you want a further explanation, check this out.

And since I was bummed out today after listening to NPR and hearing how automated killing robot war drones will destroy our future. It was nice to find this video, from the same convention that brought you the Quantum Levitation, it's... dancing robots. (Updated dancing robots have the option to kill cats with their lazer eyes.)

In case you haven't heard of the Moller Saucer, it's some old tech that sure could use an update.  And so could the the music from this video.

UPDATE: Just found the video below.
Looks like someone is already working on a Silver Surfer Surf Board, well... sort of...


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