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Hobbit Trailers

Ohhh Bilbo, you've done it again! 


Impersonate a Celebrity with Web Cam Performance Capture Puppetry

Okay, can you do a celebrity impression but you don't look exactly like them? Well, now you can look like them too.  This software allows you to sample gestures and facial movements of whomever you like, then puppeteer their face by using your own facial expressions captured by a web cam. Don't wait till April 1st to skype your brother as Cameron Diaz.

And to see something really different, the video below ends with a celebrity unintentionally controlling another celebrity.  Cameron IS being John Malkovich.  Just watch it.
From the website - Given a photo of person A, we seek a photo of person B with similar pose and expression. Solving this problem enables a form of puppetry, in which one person appears to control the face of another. When deployed on a webcam-equipped computer, our approach enables a user to control another person’s face in real-time. This image-retrieval inspired approach employs a fully-automated pipeline of face analysis techniques, and is extremely general—we can puppet anyone directly from their photo collection or videos in which they appear. We show several examples using images and videos of celebrities from the Internet.

A Real Immortal Creature

These guys are amazing creatures, like little aliens living on our planet.  The turritopsis nutricula species of jellyfish may be the only animal in the world to have truly discovered the fountain of youth.  Since it is capable of cycling from a mature adult stage to an immature polyp stage and back again, there may be no natural limit to its life span. Scientists say the hydrozoan jellyfish is the only known animal that can repeatedly turn back the hands of time and revert to its polyp state (its first stage of life).
The key lies in a process called transdifferentiation, where one type of cell is transformed into another type of cell. Some animals can undergo limited transdifferentiation and regenerate organs, such as salamanders,which can regrow limbs.

Turritopsi nutricula, on the other hand, can regenerate its entire body over and over again. Researchers are studying the jellyfish to discover how it is able to reverse its aging process.
Because they are able to bypass death, the number of individuals is spiking. They're now found in oceans around the globe rather than just in their native Caribbean waters.  "We are looking at a worldwide silent invasion," says Dr. Maria Miglietta of the Smithsonian Tropical Marine Institute.

Source: Yahoo News and MNN