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Icelandic Music Rules!

Here are some reasons why...

1. Sigor Ros - This is in Icelandic. Amazing, ethereal, slow burn to epic..
Sigor Ros.

2. Sugar Cubes (Bjork's Old Band)- Sexy, Primal, I fell in love with Bjork watching this on MTV back in the day.

3. Bjork - all growed up and full of love.

(If you really love em, here's a video of Bjork running around to the music of Sigor Ros)

 4. Röyksopp - easier to listen to than to say.

This is another version of the same song, but with an electro remix, you might recognize the remix by Trentemoller, he also did a remix for my friend Ryan Yoshimoto a while back that sounds much like this.

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