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Marijuana University Gets Raided by Feds - California, 90420

Oaksterdam University,  Oakland, CA, was raided this morning, 4/2/12. It was an IRS led investigation, with the DEA and US Marshalls.

The founder of the university's residence, Richard Lee, was also raided by federal agents.

As the agents raided the college, a crowd of protesters multiplied with signs and shouts, "DEA, go away!"

In California, certain marijuana sales and uses are allowed by the state, yet it's illegal federally. It's a constant tug of war. The city and the state authorities were only notified at the last minute about the raid.

The IRS wouldn't elaborate on the technicalities of the raid, other than it's a criminal investigation.

Oaksterdam provides a thirteen week education on the business of marijuana. It administrates classes on how to grow marijuana, the laws, and sales.

Oaksterdam University is the center of Dean Shull's new feature documentary, a film opening in select theaters on 4/20/12. Check for more info.

Steven Michael Diorio


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