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iPhone Phab - The iPhone Phablet?

I love me some Apple iPhone design, but love bigger screen sizes, that's why I wanted to be one of the first to have the iPhone Phablet.  Though not available for you to purchase yet outright as Apple has yet to release the product.  You can always get a workaround for now with a superfast quadcore processor and feature rich phone.  Just download an iOS emulator, add a vinyl sticker and tada, your Note 2 is now a iPhone Phab.  It works so well, it almost makes you not feel bad that Samsung got sued for looking like an iPhone.  I'll put up some tutorials soon on how to make the mod (feel free to subscribe to get an alert), it even works with the stylus.

 I know all you Android fans, like my angry girlfriend, are saying why would you do this?  I guess for fun and the lulz.  Plus it is okay to love Apple AND Android,  I'm sure I'll change it back soon, but in the meantime it's just awesome to see Apple fanboys flip out when they see it.

You will need...
Apple decal sticker like this or this.

You may also need gullible friends, have fun.


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