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Kitsch Grinders

Add a little Kitsch to your next pasta dish.
Not sure of the final price, but you can find them here.

Not much to say about this other than the fact that I'm starting to feel it is more fun to look at Kitschy things than it is to own them.  Just like I'd love to have furniture with futuristic modern design, but I don't want to sit on it.
Peugot Front Desk 1966



Icelandic Music Rules!

Here are some reasons why...

1. Sigor Ros - This is in Icelandic. Amazing, ethereal, slow burn to epic..
Sigor Ros.

2. Sugar Cubes (Bjork's Old Band)- Sexy, Primal, I fell in love with Bjork watching this on MTV back in the day.

3. Bjork - all growed up and full of love.

(If you really love em, here's a video of Bjork running around to the music of Sigor Ros)

 4. Röyksopp - easier to listen to than to say.

This is another version of the same song, but with an electro remix, you might recognize the remix by Trentemoller, he also did a remix for my friend Ryan Yoshimoto a while back that sounds much like this.

Raiders of the Lost Archive

Here is the opening to the film "Raiders of the Lost Ark" on the left hand side of this video, and on the right are old films edited in time with similar sequences. It's really kind of amazing how many ideas are regurgitated in this crazy mixed up world we call entertainment. Call them coincidence, tributes, or rip offs, but some of the similarities are uncanny.

Turn a tree into an instrument.

Damn, that boy plays a mean oak tree. Wow. This little mic and some software can make any hard surface an instrument. This is what STOMP and the Blue Man Group guys use on their days off. Share